How to Maximize Your Android Battery Life.

You might have heard alot about Android Batteries life. It is never strong enough for your needs but alas, here are some tips for maximizing your Android battery’s life.

1. Turning off your 3G when not in use: Alot of people leave their 3G ON even when they’re not downloading files. Downloading with 3G is superb, no doubt about that. But it is unfortunately battery sucker. It drains your battery very fast.

2. Reduce the screen brightness: The screen brightness is another factor that drains battery’s life. But unfortunately, many android users did not know this. It is therefore recommended to reduce your screen brightness to save more energy.

To reduce the screen brightness:
GO TO >> SETTINGS >> DISPLAY >> BRIGHTNES >> Then reduce to the minimum level. >> OK

That’s it!

3. Turning off Wi-Fi when not in use: Turn Off your Wi-Fi whenever you’re not using it.

4. Music: A lot of people play music using the phone’s loud speaker. This drains battery alot. It is better to listen to music through earphones (or headsets).

5. Most Android phones manufacturers suggest that the battery should be used to at least 20% before charging. This is called HEALTHY CHARGING.


5 thoughts on “How to Maximize Your Android Battery Life.

    1. emperordextar Post author

      Add this little info to the one you’ve gotten: “In order to maximize your Android’s battery. It’s good to play games with sound activated but the best thing is to play the game and enjoy the 3D sound through earphones. better still, if you like playing the game without

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