Mobile number portability in Nigeria

From April 22nd , the over 100 million mobile
phone users in the country can now change
from one network to another and still retain
their numbers.
This is courtesy of the Mobile Number
Portability (MNP) regime.
The regime was flagged off with a
massive publicity event by the Nigeria
Communications Commissions (NCC).
However, there are concerns about how
mobile phone users can effectively access
and enjoy the benefits of the system after
the launch.
Perhaps in anticipation of this, NCC has
outlined what subscribers should do to
effectively utilise the benefits of the system.
Mobile Number Portability makes it possible
for a subscriber to migrate from one
network – may be due to poor services –
to another which he/she feels can offer
better services, without losing his/her
original phone number.
Already, NCC and telecoms operators as
well as MNP service providers, have
confirmed their readiness for the scheme
while there has been excitement stemming
from what MNP is able and about to do.

3 thoughts on “Mobile number portability in Nigeria

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