FLOOME smartphone breathalyzer saves lives one app at a time

Personal breathalyzers are on its way to your smartphone. We all know drunk driving is very dangerous and a frustrating issue in this spinning globe of ours. Even more common, though, is being caught drunk driving. The Italia

n-based 2045Tech company wants to change this. The comFloome

pany is launching a breathalyzer that you can seamlessly plug into your mobile. This device lets you know whether or not your alcohol-level is over the legal limit so you could drive after some partying.

It’s called the FLOOME and promises to be the first reliable smartphone breathalyzer. The company is currently running a IndieGoGo campaign in order to crowdfund its way to success. The device has a “sleek Italian-design” and seems like a comfortable portable size. You can simply plug it into your smartphone using the headphone jack. 2045Tech is not particularly being picky with its audience so it can be used with Windows, Android and iOS mobile devices.

In this flashy video below the FLOOME’s accuracy is compared to a professional breathalyzer. The results are the same on both devices.

It’s all really technical but, as the company describes it, the FLOOME uses a “vortex whistle” which you can blow into. It then measures the total volume of gas passing through the fuel cell sensor and your alcohol-intake score is shown on your smartphone. The company claims to be using high-tech engineering together with cheap manufacturing to create a universal product “where design, price and precision break even.”

The device works with an app that can calculate the time needed to recover. This is done by comparing your alcohol intake with your height, weight and gender. As you would imagine an alcohol-oriented device– it’s very social-friendly as well. The FLOOME has a hygienic cap which can be removed and easily cleaned so you can share it with your friends. You can also share your breathalyzer results with your friends online. You can just imagine this becoming a terrible game.

The IndieGoGo goal is US$135 000 and will run till 8 June. Among many contribution rewards you can get your hands on the FLOOME for US$65. Until then, find a designated friend and drive safe.




2 thoughts on “FLOOME smartphone breathalyzer saves lives one app at a time

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