PS4 Used Game DRM Restrictions A Possibility?

PS4 Used Game DRM Restrictions A Possibility?

There’s currently a lot of confusion right now regarding how Xbox One will handle used games. All games that will be played on the console will be installed on the system’s hard drive, so when that same disc is inserted in to another unit or is used with a different Xbox Live account, a fee will have to be paid. When the second user pays that fee, the first user’s install will be deactivated. This obviously raises questions that are yet to be answered, perhaps Microsoft will tend to them at its E3 press conference. Is it possible that Sony might pursue such restrictions on used PS4 games?


Well before Xbox One was even announced, the rumors that new Xbox will require an always-on internet connection brought Microsoft much criticism online. Sony had already confirmed that PS4 won’t need an always-on connection. The thing is though, with Microsoft’s DRM restrictions on used games, publishers would have to do two completely different things on two completely different gaming systems. One can only imagine how publishers will feel supporting one thing for Xbox One and the other for PS4, with regards to used games. Lets just hope Microsoft clarifies its position on this used game fiasco soon so that this matter is settled once and for all. If Sony does not decide to pursue such restrictions for PS4 used games, it is likely to win over quite a few prospective Xbox One customers.


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