BlackBerry A10, BlackBerry Q5: Specs & release date rumors

Rumors about BlackBerry’s next flagship the BlackBerry A10 have gained further strength. The device is likely to usurp the position of BlackBerry’s current flagship the BlackBerry Z10 and its physical keypad version the BlackBerry Q10. As per CNET, the A10 will be a full-touchscreen handset like the Z10, and it will hopefully be launched in November 2013.

Well, we are certain that BlackBerry might prepare the projected gadget with a goal to put it as a well-equipped fighter against the high-end players in smartphone market like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 and other top-of-the-line Android phones. A10’s codename is likely to be Astro and very less is known about its possible specs.

It is reported that Sprint Nextel will be introducing the A10 in the U.S. Even though, neither Sprint nor BlackBerry have exposed anything about it. But market sources point out that Sprint is apparently waiting for the A10 over the current flagship the Z10. But sources also suggest that all other carriers including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile would also get the device once it is available officially.

Earlier, talking to CNET, BlackBerry CEO has expressed his excitement in rolling out a totally new handset on BB 10 platform. Maybe, on its arrival the current BlackBerry phones the Q10 and Z10 will push to the mid-tier status, rumors said.

Along with the BlackBerry A10, the Canadian mobile firm is also to reveal a budget version on BB 10. To be called BlackBerry Q5, the device would make its way to stores to take on the overwhelming number of mid-tier Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

Anyway, the mobile market is quite frenzy about the possible BlackBerry 10 handsets. They may indeed get better attention in market since a lot of people are waiting to taste the flavor of BlackBerry 10 platform from both the budget and luxurious groups, of course. The release date of the two versions is expected sometimes in the third quarter.


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