#hashtags on Facebook and what that means for you (Photos)

Hastags OnlineHashtags across multiple platforms, here seen listed on facebook. You will see a stream like this after clicking on a hashtag.

Hashtags are words and phrases behind the ” # ” sign, not using any spacing, like #askyvi. These hashtags work just like a bookmark, if enabled, like on Twitter and now Facebook, they become a text-link that, once clicked, will open up a list or stream of posts and status updates containing this hashtag.

How to choose a good hashtag?

Just like with a good Url, keep it short an sweet. When you decide on a hashtag make sure it is easy to remember, that it’s unique and not already used by someone else, so don’t skimp on you research!

How to use hashtags and use them right?

  • Just like any other marketing effort, don’t overdue it! If you annoy people, you will loose them.
  • Use a maximum of about 3 hashtags, don’t “stuff” your status update with them trying to reach as much people as possible.
  • Use them in a positive way and right on topic! Research your hashtag before you join an existing conversation.
  • Join existing hashtags and conversations to reach others you might not reach with your regular marketing efforts.
  • You can use them to categories your content.
  • Used them for research or to find information relevant to you or your business, just like you would type in your search in Google.
  • Use them cross-platform! Twitter uses hashtags, as does Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and now Facebook.

What else to consider

Hashtags are completely public!! That means no matter how you set you privacy settings it will be view able by everyone!

What’s in for the future?

Now that Facebook has opened it’s platform for hashtags, the next logical step is the use of hashtags for paid advertising. We’ll see how this will be getting used, but it is just a matter of time after “boosting” status updates and “sponsored” stories.



2 thoughts on “#hashtags on Facebook and what that means for you (Photos)

  1. askyvi

    I would like to ask you nicely to refrain from reposting my post. This is a nice compliment, I would not like to have to result to more drastic measures.


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