iPhone 6 to come with 4.8-inch display: 180 degree turnaround for Apple

A latest Citi Research report says that iPhone 6 will come with 4.8-inch display. It is certainly a 180 degree turnaround for Apple

If all goes well, the Cupertino based company is all set to showcase a different –very different –iPhone 6 version to the world. It will be a huge 4.8-inch iPhone that will be just short of Korean tech giant Samsung’s latest flagship handset Galaxy S4 and will be just .1 inch bigger than Taiwanese tech giant HTC’s flagship handset HTC One.

This is a long journey for the American smartphone giant that earlier prided itself in coming with small smartphones and that even now claims to the whole world in all its advertisements as to how its smartphones sit well in one’s palm and how easy it is to use its iPhone by one hand without taking the help of other hand. The company has been calling its competitors Samsung and HTC’s handsets too big to be used by one hand and so problematic for many. But a latest Citi Research report claims that the company has finally fallen for the lure and attraction of bigger smartphones given people’s love for them.

It is 180 degree turnaround where Steve Jobs left the company some two years ago. Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs wouldn’t stand an iPhone bigger than 3.5 inch or 4 inch handset and while other companies launched bigger handsets, Apple would stick to first 3.5 inch and then 4 inch iPhone versions. In a news that was broken by Citi Research, Citi’s Glen Yeung, said: “Based on our field work in the hardware supply chain, we believe that Apple has forecast 80M-85M iPhone builds (combined iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone, iPhone 4S) in C2H13 to its suppliers, consistent with the findings of Citi’s Taiwan-based technology team (see: Apple Food Chain – Supply Chain Activity to Begin in July). However, our discussions with various parts of the supply chain reveal skepticism of this forecast, with some indication of downside risk to a range of 65M-75M units (Citi is at the low end of this range— 68M). This skepticism emanates from ongoing iPhone production order cuts through June (because of higher-than-expected 1H13 iPhone inventory), Apple’s typical pattern of setting a higher-than-needed order target, and a modest delay in iPhone 5S production. With respect to the iPhone 5S, our checks suggest production has been delayed by 2-4 weeks, likely due to display issues. And while this does not preclude a September iPhone 5S launch date, we suspect volumes in September may consequently be challenged. As an aside, we continue to expect a 4.8” screen iPhone 6 to be launched in 1Q14.”

Meanwhile another report from the same Citi Research says that the Cupertino based company’s forthcoming next generation version of iPad Mini will be delayed further. “Consistent with our last note (see: Mixing Toward the Low-End is the Natural Course of Things), our latest field work suggests Apple has cut production of iPad Mini in C2Q13 (from 8M to 6M-7M) in an effort to reduce inventory ahead of a product refresh in C3Q13. However, whereas we had been expecting a new iPad5, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Mini Retina in 2H13, we now believe that iPad Mini Retina has been delayed until late C4Q13 or C1Q14. This puts the emphasis on the reduced-price iPad Mini2 (we expect this to be priced at $230-$250 versus $329 for the current iPad Mini), ostensibly to better compete with the plethora of low-priced competing tablets, but creating some risk to 2H13 iPad revenue estimates in the process. We continue to expect iPad5 to sport characteristics similar to iPad Mini (slimmer, lighter), although the prospect of a higher-end solution (like the MS Surface Pro) seems unlikely given discussions with Intel have not resulted in an Intel design win at 22nm. We note that 3Q13 is expected to be the last quarter of iPad2 and iPad4 production”, says the report

Now Apple seems to have woken to the fact that people love bigger smartphones. The rumours are believed to be true in wake of the fact that while the iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch screen, its rival Galaxy S4 sports a 5-inch screen. So, it is a strong possibility that iPhone 6 would compete with large-screen phones like the S4 with its 4.8-inch screen. The rumor mills are already abuzz with the features that would be part of the iPhone 6. Experts believe the company is hard at developing such cases by mixing plastic and metal that the internal metal parts are visible from outside through the special design. It is also being believed that iPhone 6 would be a fingerprint enabled phone with an interface that would be gloss and shine.

Thoug most of iPhone fans may love it, many others who have been averse to bigger iPhone version may be feeling perplexed at this sudden turn of events. There are strong rumors that the many iPhone 6 prototypes which the Cupertino based company has made has a giant Retina+ IGZO display and a new form factor with no home button. Gesture control is also possibly included. Further it is believed that the iPhone 6 screen would be Retina+ Sharp IGZO display,  1080p Full HD resolution. It is also expected that the company would upgrade from the current processor of dual-core A6 to a quad-core A7. It might possibly sport a 13-megapixel camera and would boast of NFC. But for most people this must be a welcome news.



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