Restrict volume on iPhone, iPod, and iPad

If your kid is using an iPhoneiPod, or iPad to blast music at unsafe levels, you should consider setting a limit on their maximum volume. I mean, they’ll hate you for it — but they’ll also hate having tinnitus in their 20s, right?

In the above video, I’ll walk you through the steps of lowering the maximum volume limit on any iOS device, as well as locking that setting in place using a password of your choosing.

If the video doesn’t appear above, try going directly to the video on CNET TV or pay a visit toCNET’s YouTube channel.

The first step in the process is to lower the maximum volume by tapping Settings and then scrolling down and selecting Music. Next, tap Volume Limit and pull down the volume slider to the maximum volume level you’ve decided on. Then, tap the back arrow until you’re back at the main menu.

To lock the volume limit with a password, head back into Settings, but this time tap General, and then select Restrictions. Next, hit Enable restrictions at the top of the page and create a four-digit password. After that, scroll down to where it says Volume Limit. Tap that, change it to “Don’t Allow Changes” and then back all the way out to the main menu.

That’s all there is to it. If you want to ease the sting of restricting their volume you should seriously consider treating them to an upgraded pair of headphones. Below, you’ll find a roundup of some of CNET’s favorite picks for under $50.

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