BlackBerry A10 Phablet to be Announced Soon after BB Z10 Success

After the success of BlackBerry Z10 which introduced the entirely new BB10 OS to the world, BlackBerry is planning to roll out a large-sized phablet device called BlackBerry A10. The device will be manufactured to take on Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

During the CES 2013, BlackBerry announced that would first release the BlackBerry Z10 followed by BlackBerry Q10 and the same happened. They had also promised that will be releasing more BB10 devices this year. Here comes the BlackBerry A10 phablet.

blackberry a10

Couple of years ago, BlackBerry was very popular. However, as Android and iOS started gaining popularity, BlackBerry’s popularity went down. It reached to such a point that had to make some big changes in their strategy to remain in competition. Hence, they worked on a new operating system and released a full-touch Z10 and QWERTY based touch and type phone. Now, BlackBerry wants to give tough time to the big players and that is the reason they are working on a phablets device.

BlackBerry hopes to reinstate its ailing fortunes by releasing the BlackBerry A10 phablet device. The device is considered to be successor to the BlackBerry Z10. However, this is no official confirmation about from BlackBerry. BlackBerry is just starting out again and has to reestablish itself as a brand. The BlackBerry A10 phablet can help the brand to fight against the bigger brands. It is believed that A10 is going to be released later this year.

In order to reestablish the BlackBerry brand, the manufacturer needs to partner with popular carriers. The good news is that the BlackBerry A10 is going to be available on Sprint’s network. The BlackBerry A10 phablet is going to be 5inch sized device. Since it is going to be new flagship phablet device, BlackBerry will load the device with plenty of exciting features.

The arrival of the BlackBerry A10 will lower the price of the BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry is supposed to launch a total of five smartphones this year. They have already launched the Z10, Q10 and Q5. Now two phones are still remaining. Among the two, one is going to BlackBerry A10 and nothing much is known about the other device. The BlackBerry A10 is expected to be the mystery BB10 device that CEO Thorsten Heins was talking about during a previous interview.


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