iOS 7 iPhone 5 Update – Top Features iTunes Radio, Improved Siri With New Apple iOS Update

Recently, Apple announced that they would be releasing the new iOS 7 very soon for its iDevices. The operating system has a very unique appeal compared to its previous versions. Plenty of preloaded apps have been revamped. AirDrop and iTunes Radio are the two new services Apple has introduced in the new OS. Also, the iOS 7 has strong security features. Here is a low down on the top features of the new iOS 7.

New Appeal
The newest change to the interface of the OS is the transparency effect in homescreens. The new iOS has been designed to track motion. This makes it possible for you view things that are behind the icons. For instance, when you are viewing your apps, behind it you will see your homescreen. As expected, the OS looks cleaner and has simplistic appeal.


Back Button
You won’t see a physical back button on the new iOS powered iDevices but what you will get is the back gesture which is also present on the BB10 OS. The iOS back button will show up when you require the feature but when it is not needed it won’t show on the screen. You can do this by swiping from the left side of the screen. The feature will be available on Safari internet browser and Mail but may not be available on other apps.

Preloaded Apps Ugraded
On the Apple Store, you can find many user-friendly and better alternative apps for the preloaded apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, etc. Many users had started using alternatives instead of the preloaded apps. Apple has now responded by revamping all the major preloaded apps. The Weather app is lot similar to the Yahoo Weather app.

The Calendar app is cleaner and allows you to swipe and zoom. The Mail app allows you to share photos. Safari comes with a new 3D type tab toggling behavior, enhanced bookmarking, and Twitter integration. The camera apps comes with new modes like panoramic and square.

The Photos app now organizes photos on the basis of time and location. The photos will be automatically labeled according to the locations you visit. The new AirDrop feature lets you share photos exclusively with iPhone users. The photo stream feature lets multiple users to share their videos and photos and post comments on them.

iTunes Radio

The new music streaming service that was being referred to as iRadio in the recent past is the iTunes Radio. It works like Pandora and allows you listen to music through inbuilt stations. You can teach the service to play your favorites songs by making it understand which songs you like and which ones you don’t. Since the music streaming service is connected with iTunes, you will be able to purchase your favorite music tracks through iTunes.

Improved Siri

The new Siri comes with male and female voices and it is able to speak in different languages like French and German. The voice recognition feature can control more features of your device such as lowering and increasing the brightness of your display, enabling and disabling Wi-Fi and so on. It is integrated with services like Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing Search which allows it to read entries in the said services.

The iPhone is one most favorite smartphones in the market and it is also the most robbed devices. To put an end to iPhone theft, Apple has come out with new security feature called Activation Lock. When somebody steals your iPhone, unless he enters your iCloud user name and password, he will not be available reactivate your iPhone.

Enhanced Notification Center
The new notification center is organized into different categories such as All, Missed and Today. When you tap on Today, you will see to-do’s, weather, calendar events and stocks for the day. Below it, you will see a preview of events for tomorrow.

Control Center
Control Center is the new feature that can be accessed by swiping up the screen from the bottom. It allows you to quickly access Settings. It lets you manage media player, Wi-Fi, torch and Airplane Mode.

Powerful Multitasking
The previous versions of iOS allowed you to view a small window that showed icons of the apps that are running in the background when you double tapped on the homescreen. With the same action on the new iOS 7, you can see a large window display interface of the apps in action. Also, depending on how often you use certain apps, the OS will those apps get updated regularly.

Apart from the mentioned features, the new iOS 7 also brings updated blocking feature on iMessaging and FaceTime. In the forthcoming weeks, we will come to know more features of the much awaited iOS 7.



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