Apple seeds second iOS7 Beta to developers Inc. has seeded the second beta of iOS 7, its next-generation OS for mobile devices, to developers.
Beta 2 of iOS 7 is available for the iPad and features Voice Memos, new Siri voices, Reminders, and UI tweaks, enthusiast site said.
“The new beta likely focuses on performance improvements and bug fixes as this is what Apple tends to focus on during major iOS release beta phases,” it said.
It said iOS 7 has a new user interface and AirDrop peer-to-peer file transfer, integration with cars, and new male-female voices and options for Siri.
Other than the new icons and buttons, iOS 7 added a notification to add media to Shared Photo Stream and revamped the Reminders app, said.
“We’ve noticed improved transparency across the system, particularly under keyboards and in folders,” it added.
Also, the enthusiast site noted “various performance improvements across the system” along with a new layout for Calendar list view on the iPhone.
A separate report on Mashable said Apple’s first developer beta for iOS 7 had omitted iPad support.
“The iPad wasn’t even featured in any of the extensive screenshots on Apple’s dedicated iOS 7 web page — aside from a nearly hidden reference — leading many to conclude that the larger-screen variant of iOS 7 just wasn’t ready for beta consumption,” it said. —TJD, GMA News

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