Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 928 Review, Specs, Features: Will Samsung Still Reign As Camera King?

samsung galaxy and nokia lumia5 samsung galaxy and nokia lumia





“I think Windows 8 mobile is as capable as Android but without all the cybernetic enhancements of an abyss-deep app store,” wrote Gadget reviewer, Shawn Sanders.

Nokia Lumia 928 is giving the reigning phone champ, the Samsung Galaxy S4, a run for its money. But will it surpass it in terms of specifications, features, and overall usage? Probably not, Sanders says.

samsung galaxy and nokia lumia4In terms of size, Windows’ Nokia Lumia 928 is firm, and solid corners on the back. The S4 is lighter, but wider than the Lumia and measures 2.74in at the waist against Lumia’s 2.71 inches.

In terms of display, The Nokia Lumia uses a 4.5-inch AMOLED screen under a Gorilla Glass 2. The aspect ratio, 15:9, is capable of 1080 pixel video. HD resolutions are sacrificed on the device, however, as the maximum playback is 1280 x 768, with 334 pixels per inch. The S4 does offer a 1080 pixel playback resolution, earning it the top spot for display purposes.

The Nokia Lumia 928 camera has hyped mobile photographers, but it may not be as brilliant as one would expect. “It takes a fantastic image. It’s just not accurate. There is a lot of added saturation that paints skies in deeper blues and gives grass and other fauna added verdance,” wrote Sanders.

samsung galaxy and nokia lumia2The Lumia has a Focus Blue tool where one can manually set the parameter for the blur effect, so only certain aspects of the picture are in focus. Samsung Galaxy’s S4

When it comes to basic Internet use, Samsung’s wide, airy phone is supported with more frequencies, Qi wireless support, DNLA, NFC, and all WiFi radios and Bluetooth systems. The Lumia, on the other hand, has NFC, Xbox remote control support, and WiFi channel bonding.

samsung galaxy and nokia lumia3In terms of price, the Nokia Lumia is leaps and bounds cheaper. It can be purchased for $50 from Verizon, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 is offered for $200 at its lowest.





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