Microsoft’s Xbox One comes packed with latest technologies

imageXbox One, the highly-awaited successor to the Xbox 360, has been in the news for all the right reasons. Microsoft’s new gaming beast which has already created hype among fans with its enhanced features and a book-like black metal body has recently got competitors shaking as more details of the product are revealed. According to latest news, the Xbox One will come packed with Microsoft’s first ever in-house built processor. That’s not all; the beast of all beasts will reportedly also be able to cool itself and prevent over-heating. With radical new features including social media apps, a Cloud Storage system and the new Kinect camera, Microsoft has turned a mere gaming console into something revolutionary.

According to US-based tech sites, this is the first time Microsoft has designed a processor for any of its hardware components in-house. Previously, it always commissioned independent chip manufacturers for the purpose. Reports also reveal the company has around 200 people working on producing the microprocessor in-house. With this step, Microsoft has joined the likes of Apple, which has been building its own ARM-based SoCs for its iPhones since the 3Gs.

The Xbox One will also be ‘heat-aware’, able to adjust its own temperature. While PC users might be familiar with this feature, the idea is new for Microsoft’s Xbox console. It will be able to cool down itself in multiple ways. The machine will first begin to cool down by pushing up the fan to a higher speed. If that doesn’t work, the machine will switch itself to a lower power state for maximum protection. This feature is set to optimize the battery life and protect it from possible temperature damage.

While Microsoft has taken every step to prepare itself against Sony’s Playstation 4 also due to release later this year, there is still some time to find out how the new processor and the newly-enhanced features will work out.

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