I have been busy for quite some months now and that’s why you’ve not seen me post article updates on this blog.

I was faced with the task of creating an interactive online Computer-Based Test website for students, especially African students and precisely Nigerians. I was challenged by a friend of mine who wanted to write an entrance examination into the university and found out that the testing method is Computer-Based.

He was so scared and nervous that I had to create a simple desktop-based application that functions exactly like a Computer-Based Test. After I created a 20 questions quiz with randomization, countdown time, etc for him, he practiced it and was able pass the entrance test which was Computer-Based Test and he came back thanking me.

During our discussion, he then threw it to me and said “guy, what if you make this thing available online, you can help alot of people with this.” I never took it serious. But later on when I was alone, the statement came back to my head and I couldn’t help it and immediately I started thinking of a way to go about it and that gave birth to the new platform.

screenshot of the new

screenshot of the new

I started thinking of the possible domain name and all the programming aspects and the troubles and the coding and the designs and the blah, blah, blah… Until I got the idea for the domain name for the website.

And thus breaking the ground of new possibilities for the students. The new website is christened aceCBT and it is simply accessible at

Computer-Based Test (CBT); also called e-Assessment, Computer-Based Assessment, etc in some countries; is an interactive educative software which enables students to take quizes and tests. It is the platform used nearly all institutions of higher learning in the world.

Lots and lots of students are failing yearly. This is  not due to Computer-Illiteracy, but rather due to the fact that 95% have not gotten the required courage to CLICK.

The aim of is to increase the SPEED and ACCURACY of the students and to give them the courage it takes to CLICK the right option during their test.



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