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One Bank Is Unsure If Any Humans Still Trade Stocks In Japan, Or Have All Moved To Bitcoin — peoples trust toronto

While the wholesale disappearance of retail traders from stock markets is hardly a novel observation, it has taken on a whole new meaning in Japan, where the lack of carbon-based investors has prompted Deutsche Bank to ask if “Japan’s stocks are still traded at all by humans.” As Deutsche strategist Masao Muraki writes, since the […]

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NetApp Extends Hybrid On-Prem, Cloud Data Management Capabilities With New Software Focus – Prosyscom Tech — Prosyscom TechNews

NetApp Wednesday expanded its hybrid cloud capabilities with a new version of its SolidFire all-flash storage operating system targeting hybrid cloud environments. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based storage vendor also introduced a new version of its Ontap storage operating system with significant performance and feature enhancements, and brought its object storage technology closer to the Amazon […]

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Human OS — Technopagans

The brain is our personal version of the Human OS. We all share certain kernel applications that are developmentally difficult to reprogram. These include breathing, heartbeat, digestion, blood pressure, sleep-cycles and reflex actions such as blinking, sneezing, coughing, gagging, etc. The brain is a dual processor, with the right and left hemisphere processing in tandem. […]

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Leshi Founder Ordered Back to China to Sort Out Finance Woes — Perry Chavers

Leshi Founder Ordered Back to China to Sort Out Finance Woes Bloomberg Debt-laden tech firm LeEco’s founder ordered to return to China by securities commission TechCrunch Unravelling of LeEco leaves creditors scrambling for cash Financial Times Full coverage from Business – Google News

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Cool tech: a switchable solar window — Watts Up With That?

Demonstration device dynamically responds to sunlight by transforming from transparent to tinted while converting sunlight into electricity Thermochromic windows capable of converting sunlight into electricity at a high efficiency have been developed by scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Relying on such advanced materials as perovskites and single-walled carbon […]

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TECH: Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ (2017) — {Tech} for Travel


The following review is part of the Back to Business special. Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ (2nd Gen) As with all technology, the hardware for tablets is evolving at a rapid pace. However, for this review to make it into the business special, it was the release of the latest software, iOS11, that not only […]

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Lenovo Super Camera and Gallery For Android

Tired of the picture quality of your default camera? Today we bring to you A super camera »»» Lenovo Super Camera and I must say
it’s the most advanced/optional camera I’ve encountered.

As a pleasant bonus, the camera app also comes with an awesome gallery app called Super Gallery.
The Super Camera and Gallery app from Lenovo can be installed on any Android device with Android 4.1 and above. While testing it on my device, I noticed some minor issues with burst and panorama modes. (Now fixed in the updade below) Download the app from our link below and install as any normal APK.
Dowload Lenovo Super Camera and Gallery V.3.6.7Lenovo Super Camera and Gallery

7 Reasons Why You Need 7zip installed on your PC

Have you ever wanted to open a file that you downloaded or got at one particular time but had big problems opening them? There are a lot of problems when you try to open some file compression and non-compression archived. Below are 10 Good Reasons why you need to install 7zip on your PC:

  1. 7-Zip supports a number of other compression and non-compression archive formats (both for packing and unpacking) including 7z, ZIP, Gzip, bzip2, xz, tar and WIM. The utility also supports unpacking APM, ARJ, CHM, cpio, DEB, FLV, JAR, LHA/LZH, LZMA, MSLZ, Office Open XML, onepkg, RAR, RPM, smzip, SWF, XAR and Z archives and CramFS, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, MBR, NTFS, SquashFS, UDF and VHD disk images.
  2. 7-Zip can open some MSI files, allowing access to the meta-files within along with the main contents. Some Microsoft CAB (LZX compression) and NSIS (LZMA) installer formats can be opened. Similarly, some Microsoft executable programs (.EXEs) which are self-extracting archives or otherwise contain archived content (e.g., some setup files) may be opened as archives.
  3. When compressing ZIP or gzip files, 7-Zip uses its own DEFLATE encoder, which may achieve higher compression, but at lower speed, than the more common zlib DEFLATE implementation. The 7-Zip deflate encoder implementation is available separately as part of the AdvanceCOMP suite of tools.
  4. 7-Zip supports: The 256-bit AES cipher. Encryption can be enabled for both files and the 7z directory structure. When the directory structure is encrypted, users are required to supply a password to see the filenames contained within the archive. WinZip-developed zip file AES encryption standard is also available in 7-Zip to encrypt ZIP archives with AES 256-bit, but it does not offer filename encryption as in 7z archives.
    Volumes of dynamically variable sizes, allowing use for backups on removable media such as writable CDs and DVDs.
    Usability as a basic orthodox file manager when used in 2-panel mode.
    Multiple-core CPU threading settings can be configured.
    The ability to attempt to open EXE files as archives, allowing the decompression of data from inside many “Setup” or “Installer” or “Extract” type programs without having to launch them.
  5. The ability to unpack archives with corrupted filenames, renaming the files as required.
    The ability to create self-extracting single- (but not multi-) volume archives.
    Command-line interface.
  6. Graphical User Interface. The Windows version comes with its own GUI, however p7zip uses the GUI of the Unix/Linux Archive Manager.
  7. Above all, it is free!

You can download the software here for free: DOWNLOAD



‘Silver’ enables developers to use Swift to write Android and Windows Phone apps

RemObjects is using its experience with compilers to allow developers to use Apple’s Swift coding language for Android development. Previously, the company did something similar for C# and now the company is tackling Swift.

Silver allows app makers to write in the Swift language (which is still in its infancy, really) but code against the API’s and frameworks of non-Apple platforms.

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How to Run Android apps on your Windows PC

If you’re looking to get some apps and games up and running on your computer with the minimum of effort, BlueStacks is your friend.

The BlueStacks App Player presents itself as just a way to get apps running, but it actually runs a full(heavily modified) version of Android behind the scenes. Not only that,
but it has the Play Store built-in so you have instant access to all of your purchased content. It actually adds an entry to your Google Play device list,
masquerading as a Galaxy Note II.
The BlueStacks client will load up in a desktop window with different app categories like games, social, and so on. Clicking on an app or searching
does something unexpected — it brings up the full Play Store client as rendered on tablets. You can actually navigate around in this interface just as you would on a real Android device, which makes it clear there’s a lot more to BlueStacks than the “AppPlayer” front end. In fact, you can install third-party launcher like Nova or Apex from the Play Store and set it as the default. The main screen in BlueStacks
with the app categories is just a custom homescreen, so replacing it makes BlueStacks feel almost like a
regular Android device.

BlueStacks App Player, in the Play Store Having full Play Store access means you won’t be messing around with sideloading apps, and BlueStacks manages to run everything impressively. Most games are playable, but keep in mind you’ll have trouble operating many of them with a mouse. If your PC has a touchscreen, you can still use apps and games that rely on more than one touch input.

BlueStacks can essentially make a Windows 8 tablet PC into a part-time Android tablet. BlueStacks calls the technology that makes this possible “LayerCake” because Android apps run in a layer on top of Windows.

The only real issue with BlueStacks is that it’s not running a standard Android build. All the alterations the company made to get apps working on a PC can cause issues — some apps simply fail to run or crash unexpectedly. This customized environment is also of little value as a development tool because there’s no guarantee things will render the same on BlueStacks as they might on a real Android device without all the back end modifications. It’s also a freemium service with a $2 pro subscription, or you can install a few sponsored apps.

So what’s the best way?
If you’re interested in getting apps running on your PC so you can actually use and enjoy them,
BlueStacks App Player is the best solution. It’s fast, has Play Store access, and works on multitouch Windows devices. If you need to test something with the intention of
putting it on other Android devices, the emulator is still the best way to give builds a quick once-over on
a PC before loading them on to Android phones or tablets. It’s slow but standardized, and you’ll be able
to see how things will work on the real deal. The Android PC ports are definitely fun to play with, and performance is solid when you get apps running, but they can be finicky. If you just want to play Clash of Clans on your Windows machine, get BlueStacks. More at ExtremeTech.