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BlackBerry CEO: John Chen meets with Lenovo, HTC, Xaomi Top Men

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has noted several times already that the next step in his plan for BlackBerry is to grow the company and one place where he sees opportunity, due to the demand for security, encryption and privacy is in China.

Attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in Beijing, John Chen sat down with Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun, and Lenovo’s head Yang Yuanqing along with Cher Wang, chairwoman of Taoyuan, Taiwan-based HTC Corp. Speaking in an interview after the summit, Chen provided more information.APEC CEO SUMMIT

It does seem that a more efficient way is to have a good partner to be here,” Chen said in the interview. “I’m here this time to look at what opportunities there may be. We have not really focused on this market. It’s a huge market but it’s a very highly competitive market too.

Fully aware of the rumors his comments might start, Chen was quick to note that he wasn’t there looking for a sale of BlackBerry but instead exploring the opportunities for agreements on technology licensing, distribution or manufacturing. “I’m not looking to sell the company,” Chen said. “I’m very much looking to operate the company as an independent company.”

“What I’m doing is to explore what is the right approach to the market given what we do well and I’m not shutting any doors,” Chen said. “This market is not an easy one to get deals done quickly. It’s going to take a while, but I’m interested.”

Despite John Chen’s cautionary comments, BBRY stock is on the rise today based on the information.


BBM on Android and iOS review

AFTER THE RUMOURS, the denials, the leaks and the false starts, it is finally time to welcome the most notorious instant messenger of them all .

Perhaps that’s a little harsh because Blackberry Messenger (BBM) was a hugely innovative alternative at a time when most smartphone users were still battling Windows CE and Symbian.

So, for whatever reason Blackberry has decided to wade into the market already successfully occupied by Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Facebook Chat, Chaton, Whatsapp, Kik, Tango, Viber and at least a dozen more, and we think it deserves a fair trial because, to be fair, it’s not a bad app.

Screenshot_2013_10_21_20_18_41It is being rolled out in stages, so unless you are an existing user, you will have to wait for your email address to be authorised to use the service .  Once you’re in, setting up an account is almost easy.

Unlike Blackberry users, users of Android and iOS devices are required to use their email address as their user name. You’re also required to think up a password, a password reminder question and a password reminder answer. Finally you’re given your PIN, which consists of a not-so-catchy eight character letters and numbers combination begining with “7”. Then you’re ready to add some friends.

Except, if you’ve never had a Blackberry, probably very few of your friends or contacts ever had a Blackberry, and even if they had, you wouldn’t know their PIN, so why would you? Fortunately Blackberry gives you the option to invite people by email, barcode, SMS or social media. So what actually happens is that you spend the next 20 minutes telling your friends that they can chat with you on BBM, by chatting with them on Facebook or Twitter or whatever other social network you use.

And therein lies the rub. The need to communicate with people across networks has overtaken the decision to create and release this app, and therefore rendered BBM a bit pointless, because there are plenty of alternatives that are well established at doing just that.

Of course there are some nice touches. Group chat and broadcast messages are useful touches, but you’d need a big group of contacts to consciously decide to switch to it as your main form of messaging, and there just isn’t enough here to convert anyone.

We like the fact that you can see when a message has been delivered and then read, but many IM apps already do that, and besides, there’s a very good way of telling if someone has received your side of the conversation, because they start talking back. That’s how conversation works.

We also like the fact that you can instantly become BBM buddies with someone using NFC over Android, though this could cause an interesting long-winded turn of events when it suddenly becomes clear you’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to NFC to an iPhone.

The BBM app user interface is reasonably smooth with a great UI, but lacks a little spit and polish. In some cases avatars failed to appear for our contacts, and there’s an irritatingly persistent notification at the top of the screen that adds little except to stop the BBM app from being automatically closed by the system, a problem that most apps overcame several years ago.

In summary, any kudos that Blackberry deserves for the introduction of BBM as a cross-system tool is outweighed by the fact that while it might have been a hugely popular app a few years ago, it now seems like another third-party system to manage. At the moment, we can’t see BBM making the impact that Blackberry might hope for. This app needs not just to be good, it has to be game changing.

Yes, it is good. But that’s all.

Anti-virus app top preferred security for smartphones

Anti-virus and security software are the preferred protection among smartphone users, indicating competition for new incentives such as biometrics.

PayPal and the National Cyber Security Alliance have conducted a survey amongst smartphone users as part of the National Cyber Security Alliance Month.

Aimed at understanding consumer behaviour better for improved mobile protection, 1,000 respondents were questioned on their preferences.

Anti-virus or security software is the top rated safety method for 30 per cent of smartphone owners, followed closely by passwords.

Almost 25 per cent are not bothered by security features, while 18.7 per cent are in favour of biometrics.

More than 50 per cent of respondents are comfortable with the use of biometrics, while 45 per cent are also keen to use facial recognition for protective measures.

Hand gesture is trusted by 31 per cent as an alternative security feature.

When it comes to password selection, 76 per cent of respondents indicated they use different PINs for different accounts.

Smartphones are generally more expected to be stolen than wallets, the report revealed.

The surveyors have advised smartphone users to be app download smart and to make use of a lock function or PIN code for mobile device security.

BBM still scheduled to hit iOS

BBM ON iOSRIM announced back in May that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) would be coming to iOS later this summer. With July steadily approaching, we still haven’t heard any specific details as to when we might expect to see BBM hit the App Store.

Earlier today, however, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins mentioned during an earnings conference call that BBM for iOS will, in fact, drop “before the end of the summer.” I suppose that puts the release window, at the very latest, sometime in mid-late August.

While I’m not sure how many iOS users are pining for BBM, it’s worth noting that RIM has stated that there are over 51 million active users who use BBM on a daily basis and that the service handles over 10 billion messages per day.

If you happen to be one of those folks waiting to get your hands on BBM for iOS, some of the planned features include multi-person chats, and the ability to create BlackBerry Groups to share photos, calendars and other files with groups of up to 30 people.

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Android rockets and iOS gains, while Windows dips

Summary: Android device shipments leap, but there’s yet more bad news for PC makers as the market continues to slide, despite their experiments with new form factors.

Android and iOS device shipments are predicted to grow this year, while the number of Windows devices shipped is expected to fall slightly.

According to calculations from analyst Gartner, 866 million Android devices will ship this year (up from 505 million last year. Around 296 million iOS and Mac OS devices will ship (up from 212 million last year) while 339 million Windows devices will ship (a slight dip from 346 million last year). And next year Android is likely to see a billion devices shipped — compared to 378 million Windows devices and 354 million iOS devices. Continue reading

BlackBerry launches Secure Work Space for Android, iOS

Original Author:  Charlie Osborne

blackberry work station secure enterprise corporateBlackBerry has officially launched the Secure Work Space, designed to help government and corporate users keep their personal and business lives separate on mobile devices.

Powered through the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES), the back-end system launched at the beginning of this year allows BlackBerry users to control mobile devices connected to internal networks. Secure Work Space works as a secure container for these mobile devices; keeping corporate information — including calendars, events, email and apps — distinct from an employee’s personal data. This separation is meant to prevent information from being leaked or transferred from corporate systems.

In addition, the service establishes a fully encrypted AES-256-bit tunnel into the BES server, which ensures all communications data coming from the device is secure — even in cases where the Internet connection is not. In addition, IT staff are able to remotely wipe a Secure Work Space without impact on the personal section of a mobile device.

BlackBerry’s latest offering (.pdf) also comes equipped with an enterprise-level browser and secure attachment viewing and editing program.

Secure Work Space is compatible with devices using Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS. No customized development skills are needed to use or integrate the application.

David Smith, the head of enterprise mobile computing at BlackBerry, told Reuters:

“With an integrated management console, our clients can now see all of the devices they have on their network, manage those devices and connect to them securely. We now also have a secure work space on Android and iOS that allows our clients to secure and manage the data on those devices as well.”

It is possible that corporate clients who have begun jumping the BlackBerry ship may now be enticed to rejoin the flock. These high-margin services, valuable to corporate clients, could help businesses control and better integrate employee mobile devices running on Apple or Android technology. Without being able to stem the tide of users who are now using Samsung or Apple devices, by working with rather than against the trend, BlackBerry may be able to reclaim a portion of the marketshare lost to its rivals.

BackBerry said that the new platform will be available within the next few months.


BlackBerry A10 Phablet to be Announced Soon after BB Z10 Success

After the success of BlackBerry Z10 which introduced the entirely new BB10 OS to the world, BlackBerry is planning to roll out a large-sized phablet device called BlackBerry A10. The device will be manufactured to take on Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

During the CES 2013, BlackBerry announced that would first release the BlackBerry Z10 followed by BlackBerry Q10 and the same happened. They had also promised that will be releasing more BB10 devices this year. Here comes the BlackBerry A10 phablet.

blackberry a10

Couple of years ago, BlackBerry was very popular. However, as Android and iOS started gaining popularity, BlackBerry’s popularity went down. It reached to such a point that had to make some big changes in their strategy to remain in competition. Hence, they worked on a new operating system and released a full-touch Z10 and QWERTY based touch and type phone. Now, BlackBerry wants to give tough time to the big players and that is the reason they are working on a phablets device.

BlackBerry hopes to reinstate its ailing fortunes by releasing the BlackBerry A10 phablet device. The device is considered to be successor to the BlackBerry Z10. However, this is no official confirmation about from BlackBerry. BlackBerry is just starting out again and has to reestablish itself as a brand. The BlackBerry A10 phablet can help the brand to fight against the bigger brands. It is believed that A10 is going to be released later this year.

In order to reestablish the BlackBerry brand, the manufacturer needs to partner with popular carriers. The good news is that the BlackBerry A10 is going to be available on Sprint’s network. The BlackBerry A10 phablet is going to be 5inch sized device. Since it is going to be new flagship phablet device, BlackBerry will load the device with plenty of exciting features.

The arrival of the BlackBerry A10 will lower the price of the BlackBerry Z10. BlackBerry is supposed to launch a total of five smartphones this year. They have already launched the Z10, Q10 and Q5. Now two phones are still remaining. Among the two, one is going to BlackBerry A10 and nothing much is known about the other device. The BlackBerry A10 is expected to be the mystery BB10 device that CEO Thorsten Heins was talking about during a previous interview.


BlackBerry A10, BlackBerry Q5: Specs & release date rumors

Rumors about BlackBerry’s next flagship the BlackBerry A10 have gained further strength. The device is likely to usurp the position of BlackBerry’s current flagship the BlackBerry Z10 and its physical keypad version the BlackBerry Q10. As per CNET, the A10 will be a full-touchscreen handset like the Z10, and it will hopefully be launched in November 2013.

Well, we are certain that BlackBerry might prepare the projected gadget with a goal to put it as a well-equipped fighter against the high-end players in smartphone market like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 and other top-of-the-line Android phones. A10’s codename is likely to be Astro and very less is known about its possible specs.

It is reported that Sprint Nextel will be introducing the A10 in the U.S. Even though, neither Sprint nor BlackBerry have exposed anything about it. But market sources point out that Sprint is apparently waiting for the A10 over the current flagship the Z10. But sources also suggest that all other carriers including AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile would also get the device once it is available officially.

Earlier, talking to CNET, BlackBerry CEO has expressed his excitement in rolling out a totally new handset on BB 10 platform. Maybe, on its arrival the current BlackBerry phones the Q10 and Z10 will push to the mid-tier status, rumors said.

Along with the BlackBerry A10, the Canadian mobile firm is also to reveal a budget version on BB 10. To be called BlackBerry Q5, the device would make its way to stores to take on the overwhelming number of mid-tier Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

Anyway, the mobile market is quite frenzy about the possible BlackBerry 10 handsets. They may indeed get better attention in market since a lot of people are waiting to taste the flavor of BlackBerry 10 platform from both the budget and luxurious groups, of course. The release date of the two versions is expected sometimes in the third quarter.