Good News: Spectranet Expands 4G LTE Services in Nigeria

Following its successful migration from Wimax technology to the new Fourth Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology earlier in August this year, Spectranet Limited, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nigeria, is set to expand its broadband internet wireless technology service across Nigeria.

Spectranet’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Atul Ojha, gave the assurance at a joint meeting between Spectranet and Huawei in Lagos recently, which was attended by Huawei’s Managing Director in charge of devices for Nigeria, Mr. Tony Liang, as well as high profile representatives from both organisations.

Already pilot-tested in Lagos since August 20, Ojha affirmed that the 4G wireless internet service has since been expanded to Abuja in the last couple of months. According to him, Spectranet is currently in top gear to expand the service to Ibadan and subsequently to other Nigerian cities such as Kano and Kaduna in the first quarter of 2014.

Speaking on the evaluation made so far in Lagos and Abuja, Ojha said “The response to this service has been relatively very good. The experience of the consumers has been very exciting; the speed that the consumer is getting, the reliability of service that is available and the experience on the devices that the consumer is having are all really very satisfactory and quite good.”

The Spectranet 4G LTE hardware is manufactured by Huawei, a leading global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solution provider.

Huawei Nigeria, a 4G LTE Device vendor worldwide has been a traditional technical support partner to Spectranet, in the area of network deployment, right from the erstwhile Wimax platform to the current 4G LTE technology. Aside from managing the network, Hauwei’s partnership with Spectranet also extends to the provision of Spectranet devices that the consumer uses for wireless internet.

The 4G LTE technology afford the user 50 per cent increase in downlink with device download speed that can reach 109Mbps, which makes it a delight for music and movie, as well as data download. LTE network is designed for easy upload, video streaming, gaming, and many more to be done on the internet at a faster speed.

With its revolutionary WIFI-capability as well as its innovative features, the Spectranet 4G LTE technology has multiple benefits, according to Liang, who said, “The wireless network work within the range of 300 metres and the multi-user terminal can support 32 devices including ipads and smartphones in addition to regular computer devices which makes it ideal for family use at home or for work in the office environment.”

Speaking about the necessity of embracing the 4G LTE technology by internet users Ojha said, “There are multiple technologies available for the consumer to access the internet – the GSM, CDMA, Wimax- but the ultimate technology is the 4G. The 4G is better because the customer can experience higher bandwidth which will not be possible on the GSM network or the CDMA network; with the 4G, the internet user will be able to do the same amount of work in a much lesser time.”

Pledging continuation of good service delivery from Spectranet, Ojha said “We have demonstrated our commitment by migrating from Wimax, otherwise we were running perfectly on the Wimax technology; but we have to migrate because we wanted to ensure that our customers’ service is not compromised. We could have continued like the other service provider on Wimax; but we are committed to giving the best to our customers, hence we were the first to migrate to offer 4G.”

The 4G LTE terminal comes in three categories namely single user Dongle (connected via US), a personal Wifi and multi User Wi-Fi. The last two categories both have specially designed battery that ensures 10 hours working time in case of erratic power supply. The LTE terminal goes for N10, 000 a unit while the service bundle varies with monthly subscription as low as N7, 000, Ojha said


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